We Are Specialized In Silicone Chemicals

CYRACHEM is an innovative company experienced in providing specialties products as well as technical support and technology solutions in Silicones specialties chemicals. CYRACHEM’s strength lies in deep knowledge of product application and products development based upon.

Where It Started

CYRACHEM is established in 2009 by very experienced R&D chemists. During the last 10 years CYRACHEM has grown from a small 2-men business to an International Company with over 30 employees and more than 4 locations around the world: Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, and India. CYRACHEM became rapidly an excellent player in a range of high-technology materials and solutions.

Our Values

  • Our R&D department reflects our commitment to developing new technologies.

  • Our technical team makes sure that our customer’s issues are solved.

  • Our focus is to come up with new products and provide solutions to our customers.

Our Mission

Our aim is to help your business to reach its targets while developing innovative products and refine our existing solutions.

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