CYRACHEM develops, manufactures and markets a full range of silicone, organo-modified silicone specialties, silanes and other silicone and non-silicone chemicals for wide range of applications. We provide full technical service to all our valuable customers for all Cyrachem products.

CYRACHEM develops and optimizes the innovative silicone products according to the industry feedbacks and market needs. Cyrachem offers a full technical support and assistance from lab evaluation till the final approval on customer end. We provide special silicone solutions for your industry.

We will walk together with you, hand in hand from our R&D laboratory trough your facility until your final customer satisfaction. Our R&D and Technical Team serves with excellent know how and expertise.They are always ready to offer you the services given as follows

Exclusively work on your project

Develop customized the performance product

Refine your formulation and optimize your process

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