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Pulp & Paper

AFC G 500 100% silicone active antifoam compound. FDA approved. developed for emulsifiable. Delivers excellent foam knockdown at low dosage levels. Recommended for fermentation process, waste water treatment, fruit and vegetables processing, food, pesticide/herbicide, chemical distillation Download Download
AFC PP 600 Medium viscosity antifoam compound. 100% active material designed for pulp and paper. Exhibits excellent defoaming properties and good durability. Stable in alkaline and acidic media in a pH range of 2 to 13 Download
CYRASOFT HYDRO QEG Water dispersible quaternary silicone oil. Can be dilute to any ratio with cold water. Des not generate any yellowing. Highly shear stabile. Does not generate any thermal migration especially on polyester. Provides natural softness to synthetics and blends Download
CYRASOFT QEM 40 Micro amino modified silicone emulsion with 40% active content. Designed to deliver a hydrophilic, bulky and silky hand to all types of fabrics at lower use levels than other products. Showed excellent compatibility and stability in different fabric softener formulations. Download
SAFE PP 620E 20% active silicone based emulsion for pulp and paper industry. Exhibit excellent foam collapse and durable foam control. It showed very good stability at high temperature and at high alkaline pH
SPREADSIL TEX 202 Trisiloxane for textile industry. Gives hydrophilicity to the all types of fabrics especially polyesters. Soil and stain release
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