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Personal Care & Cosmetics

CYRASOFT HYDRO Q Quaternary amino functional silicone with a repeating block structure with 100% active matter. Provide excellent slick softness and hydrophilicity to all type of fabrics and gives a voluminous, silky hand feel to all types of fabrics at lower use levels. Does not generate any yellowing. Download
CYRASOFT PCQ 340 Quaternary silicone emulsion for personal care and hair conditioner.
SPREADSIL CT 303 Trisiloxane for coating. Works like a spreading agent.
SPREADSIL TEX 202 Trisiloxane for textile industry. Gives hydrophilicity to the all types of fabrics especially polyesters. Soil and stain release
VS 70 Volatile silicone fluid for car care.
VS 80 Volatile silicone fluid for car care.
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