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AFC D 600 High viscosity antifoam compound for powder detergent industry. Highly stable in alkaline media. Could be granulated or incorporated into the detergent slurry
AFC G 500 100% silicone active antifoam compound. FDA approved. developed for emulsifiable. Delivers excellent foam knockdown at low dosage levels. Recommended for fermentation process, waste water treatment, fruit and vegetables processing, food, pesticide/herbicide, chemical distillation Download Download
AFC LD 602 Medium viscosity antifoam compound for liquid detergents. Does not change to haze the appearance of a transparent liquid detergent. Does not affect or change the color aspect of the liquid detergent. Highly recommended for transparent liquid detergent.
AFC SE 690 Medium viscosity antifoam compound. Contains 100% of actives Easily emulsifiable. Very cost effective. Can be used general for all industries. Designed to combine outstanding foam knockdown and durability Download
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