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Silicone Antifoam Compounds

AFC 2914 Antifoam compound with high viscosity.
AFC 600 C High viscosity antifoam compound especially for paint industry.
AFC D 600 High viscosity antifoam compound for powder detergent industry. Highly stable in alkaline media. Could be granulated or incorporated into the detergent slurry
AFC G 500 100% silicone active antifoam compound. FDA approved. developed for emulsifiable. Delivers excellent foam knockdown at low dosage levels. Recommended for fermentation process, waste water treatment, fruit and vegetables processing, food, pesticide/herbicide, chemical distillation Download Download
AFC LD 602 Medium viscosity antifoam compound for liquid detergents. Does not change to haze the appearance of a transparent liquid detergent. Does not affect or change the color aspect of the liquid detergent. Highly recommended for transparent liquid detergent.
AFC PA 800 Medium viscosity siloxanepolyglycol compound for Phosphoric & Sulphiric Acid / Emulsion Polymerisation / Latex / Pharmaceutical
AFC PP 600 Medium viscosity antifoam compound. 100% active material designed for pulp and paper. Exhibits excellent defoaming properties and good durability. Stable in alkaline and acidic media in a pH range of 2 to 13 Download
AFC SE 690 Medium viscosity antifoam compound. Contains 100% of actives Easily emulsifiable. Very cost effective. Can be used general for all industries. Designed to combine outstanding foam knockdown and durability Download
AFC SE 990 90% of active silicone compound. Almost self dispersible. Can be emulsified to 5%, 10% or 20% antifoam emulsion with a minimum of additional surfactant. Stable and very effective in all media. Could be a very good recommendation for formulators who do not have the technology and the equipment to produce antifoam emulsions.
PS 685 PS-685 is a silicone antifoam agent, water free. It contains 100% of actives. PS-685 is a very effective defomer especially designed for paints. It is very cost effective because it is silicone based. It is recommended for all types of paints. It is effective in destabilizing macro and micro foam, very durable and does not affect the gloss or change the color. PS-685 is very effective at low concentration, highly stable in low and high pH range. It is highly shear stable and does not exhibit any oily surface. PS-685 has excellent foam knockdown and rapid bubble break. It can be added to the let-down phase or to Mill-base phase. It is dispersible in water. Download
SAFE M 680 SAFE-M680 is a highly concentrated silicone antifoam agent. It is also used as a defoamer. It is specially designed for Metalworking Lubricants. It is very effective at very low concentration, has excellent durability and highly stable under different conditions (high temperature, high shear and wide range of pH). It is effective in destabilizing macro and micro foam. It is an excellent antifoam agent when it is used to prevent against the foam build up, it has also excellent foam knockdown and rapid bubble break when it is applied as a defoamer. Download
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